Togondo first came to life in 2017 due to the frustrations experienced with condo and home owner association (HOA) living. No matter where the condo unit or HOA was located, be it Canada, US or the UK, there seemed to be a consistent problem with inefficient ways of working and lots of unnecessary stress when it came to Boards, Residents, and Property Management companies working collaboratively together.

At the time, the vision was to bring Condos Together – hence the name Togondo was born. It was a working title at first, but it just stuck!

With backgrounds in Business, Project Management, and Software Development, we set out to develop an agile, mobile-native, solution that would quickly allow Residents to access services and critical documents at a touch of a smartphone screen. We have experienced firsthand how frustrating it can be for a Resident of a condo complex. After we engaged Property Managers and Property Management companies, heard their perspective, shadowed their staff, we can now empathize with just how frustrating it can be for a Property Manager dealing with endless and often untraceable service requests. After interviewing numerous Condo Board members, they also have a difficult, and often thankless, task. This is where Togondo comes in.

Togondo’s vision is to end this frustration once and for all. We aim to provide a streamlined affordable service through cutting-edge technology that is available to everyone.   Property Managers have an active tasklist that is updated in real-time and Residents can track their request and view critical documents online whenever and wherever they need.

Property Management need not be stressful with the right tool. Togondo is that tool.

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